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some words from the owners

When new guests visit Bloom Day Spa and experience the quality of the spa and caliber of our staff, one of their most commonly asked questions is “Why would you put such an incredible spa in a small town like Dickson? This place looks and feels like something you would see in a major metropolitan city.”

Our response is simple:

     1. The people of Dickson and our sister communities are generally hard-working professionals. They deserve a wonderful place to unwind and relax. They deserve a place to revitalize and reenergize their outlook on life. They deserve a place such as this to call their very own.

     2. Dickson is our family’s home and has been for almost 25 years. We deeply love Dickson and our surrounding communities. It is a great place in which to live, play and raise families.  


     3. Our family is deeply committed to improving the overall quality of life for the citizens of our communities. So much so, that we took incredible risks to bring Bloom to Dickson. We’re not done yet, though. We have plans to bring even more amazing things to this community in the near future because we believe in this community and we love this community.


In summary, we devoted thousands of hours of hard work, blood sweat and tears to bring you Bloom Day Spa simply as a labor of love for this community… because you deserve it.

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