massage treatments

Our Licensed Massage Therapists are trained in numerous massage modalities to alleviate most forms of stress and tension that reside in the mind and body.

Enjoy complimentary use of the sauna with all massage services.


Traditional Swedish Massage:

This traditional massage relaxes the entire body by applying long, gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart.

30 minute treatment         $50

60 minute treatment          $85

90 minute treatment        $125


Custom Massage:

A mixture of Swedish and deep tissue modalities is customized to suit your specific needs. Reach a state of ultimate well-being and relaxation with our most popular massage.

60 minute treatment          $90

90 minute treatment        $130


Deep Tissue Massage:

Reduce chronic pain and tension with firm, deep pressure to break up tight muscle groups and rehabilitate injuries to the tissues. Recommended for those who have had previous experience with deep tissue pressure.

30 minute (focus only)        $60

60 minute treatment          $95

90 minute treatment        $135


Prenatal Massage:

This massage is safe for expectant mothers in the 2nd or 3rd trimester. Achieve a state of calmness while reducing muscle aches, joint pain and physical & mental stress.

60 minute treatment         $95


Hot Stone Massage:

Allow the warmth of our hot stones to soothe built-up stress and tension in the body. This massage is a deeply relaxing experience that incorporates light hands-on pressure with healing warm stones.


60 minute treatment         $95

90 minute treatment       $135


Ashiatsu Massage:

Ashiatsu Deep Foot Bar Therapy is a specialized form of massage in which the therapist delivers the massage strokes using the feet instead of hands. This massage allows the therapist to deliver deep pressure with a gentle approach.           

60 minute treatment          $95

90 minute treatment        $135


Massage for Two:

Enjoy a custom massage side-by-side for the ultimate bonding experience. Suitable for couples, friends and loved ones looking to relax together. Pricing includes both massages. Add a couples soak for $40.

60 minute treatment        $180

90 minute treatment        $260


Reflexology Massage:

A focused pressure technique that is administered to specific points on the hands and feet to correspond with systems of the body. The benefits of reflexology are believed to include a reduction in pain, stress relief, enhanced relaxation and sleep.

30 minute treatment          $65